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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

Quality Assurance Service -- Israel

Quality Assurance Service -- Israel

QA-Israel is an independent third party quality assurance service giving accurate, qualified verification of production parts and supplier management systems. Based on Q-clause approved processes and procedures through customer contracts QAS can support most out of country contracts you may need with audits, site surveys and production inspections normally done by out of country personnel.

Our services are in Israel (security pre-qualified), EU & NATO wide with US nationals as required. Other locations on a case by case assessment.

Our success comes through hard work, partnering & willingness to work with all parties, including customer needs and requirements, contracted suppliers, 2nd & 3rd level suppliers as required so our customers meet time sensitive delivery requirements.

We continue to work with outstanding / qualified* contractors to verify KPI production points, review suppler schedules and resources and fulfill to cover all contract requirements, all of which is delivered in daily weekly and quarterly reports as required to our clients who demand & receive US representation throughout the Middle East and Europe through our web infrastructure called InSight.

Our History/Foundation Covers: Further Services include:
  • Aviation / Luftfahrt 
  • Naval
  • Munitions
  • MIL Standards Supported
  • -- AS:9102: Discus & 3ds
  • -- AS:9100
  • -- ISO:9000
  • -- ASME Y14.5M
  • -- MIL STD & PRF
  • MRB Support
  • PSS-906 Support
  • Product Verification / Inspection
  • Production Audits and Surveys
  • 6 Sigma implementation
  • Production Control / Supplier Management
  • Quality Surveillance / Supplier Development
  • In Country Technical Support

*Qualified by the client through his Q clause requirements and approved quality processes and procedures.



Product Verification / Inspection (DT / NDT)

Audits and Surveys ISO:9000, AS9102

Production Control / Supplier Management

Quality Engineering / Surveillance / Supplier Development

In Country Technical Support for Contracts

6 Sigma educational seminars for the uninitiated.


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