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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

About David W Stiebel

David Stiebel has been in the construction industry since 1982. Educated in the USA at St. Louis University at Merrimac (Community College) and University of Rockville, Md. David gained hands on experience as an apprentice / journeyman / lead / carpenter at Carpenters' Union of St. Louis, Missouri, currently located in Israel.

His history in Israel covers working as / for:

  • As an independent contractor of custom homes
  • Hurd & Anderson Window Companies installation Mgr.
  • Custom Home Builder, lead carpenter & other positions as needed

Year 2000 the direction of efforts changed. David began supporting large USACE projects.

  • QC-Finishes - Aronson / Baran / ABB Susa JV - (Select Satellite view)
  • QC-Civil - Epstein Int & Shapir Construction
  • QC-Civil - MW Zander, Israel
  • QC-Civil - M Gordon Construction
  • QC-Civil - A Epstein International
  • QA-Representative - Israel MoD and USACE
  • QA-Project Specialist for Verify Inc Representing General Dynamics Corp OTS. 
  • QA-Project Specialist for Verify Inc Representing General Dynamics Corp ATP.
  • Quality Control Manager for - SKE International in country Representative 
  • Quality Control Manager for - LTC Corp.
  • Supply Chain Delivery Assurance Specialist for Verify Inc.
  • Quality Control Manager for for CMC DI RAVENNA - USA / LM HEAVY CIVIL CONSTRUCTION JV

As well as working for / with:

  • Israel Military Industries
  • Rafael Military Industries
  • Israel Ministry of Defense
  • United states Corps of Engineers
  • Rolls Royce Ltd. Europe
  • General Dynamics OTS
  • General Dynamics ATP
  • Various US construction firms

Recent project history includes:

  • Israel Military Industries -- Ashot (Rolls Royce) 2015-2016
  • SKE International - Ministry of Defense and US Corps of Engineers 2012-14
  • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd - (General Dynamics ATP) 2009- 12 
  • Israel Military Industries - (General Dynamics OTS) 2009-11 
  • Nivatim AFB hangers project & support for other projects in USACE scope (USACE) 2008
  • Expansion of the Israel Navy Shipyard in Haifa Port - INF (A Epstein & Sons) 2007-08
  • Soofa 3 New Squadron Complex Hazerim AFB (M Gordon Construction) 2004-06
  • Soofa 2 squadrons MULTI-TASK project at Ramon, Hazerim AFB Hangers, Squadrons & Support Stations (MW-Zander) 2003-04
  • Nachshonim Dry Storage Base - IDF base(ABB Susa / Baran) 2001-03

Presently David is a consultant and customer representative to government and private contractors as a quality assurance / verification representative working with major subcontractors throughout Israel. Suppliers include Rafael, Israel Military Industries, Plasan, Soltam & sub suppliers serving US based companies with strict quality requirements.

  Interests include model aircraft construction & design.

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Quality Control Certification from USACE

  USACE Representative Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from the US Corps of Engineers Representative

Letter of recommendation General Dynamics

Letter of recommendation SKE



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