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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

Real-Estate Inspections

Real-Estate Inspections

Before you buy, Inspect

QAI is not an appraisal service but qualified independent quality engineer inspection service who understands the local market to help protect you from failures in the building process. We are experts who know what to look for when reviewing new and used structures for defects in workmanship. There is no full disclosure law in Israel.

Quality Assurance Service is a product and production review system that researches and evaluates construction parts, items, techniques of installation, to ensure proper installation, integrity, durability thereby creating value for the customer.

For new homes we review in-process construction to be sure you receive the work for which you have contracted.

Many do not fully appreciate the need for both new and pre-owned home reviews and suffer legal, economic and emotional distress due to inexperience or deliberate deception by both contractors and homeowners. Read what others say:
What others are saying
Technion paper sites customers as best QC people
New Cap and Trade Requirements for US Homes -- Be Advised this is costly to all home owners

Contractors need supervision to prevent defects from accumulating on the job site. Some larger firms have started using QC personnel, but this only adds to the problem.

Consumers seeking pre-owned homes need to understand that they are a risk. Home buyers all over the US have been using professional home inspections (not appraisers) as a tool to justify costs, lower risk and increase leverage when problems are found.

In Israel the inspection process has been completely left to the site engineer or quality control person hired by the builder during initial construction phase, this inherent conflict of interest has show itself time and again and needs to be addressed. even the Israel Technion addresses this issue stating the number 1 quality control person is the customer, not the QC team.

Review our site and see examples, tips for the home owner and find out what Quality Assessment in Israel is and why you need it.



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