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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

About Contact

About Contact

Quality Assurance Services has many years of experience.

  • 15 + years construction experience in the US
  • 20 + years construction experience in the Israeli market
  • Israel construction experience since 1988
  • 17 years in the QC/QA environment(since 2001)
  • 7 years for world leading defense contractors
  • AS9102 experience
  • ISO9001 experience

Our target audience is multifaceted due to our significant field experience.

1. International construction consortium quality control.

2. International military or heavy commercial contracts. EG:
           General Electric / Boing
           General Dynamics OTS / ATP / LS etc

3. International military or heavy commercial contracts with US citizen requirements.

Contact Information:

   Cell:        972 54-557-8878
Office/Fax: 972 77-557-8001




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