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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel



Quality Assurance Services is a full advisory counsel, from roof leakage to major renovations and many forms of new home construction.

What could be more unsettling than not knowing whether:

  • Your roof is framed safely and securely?
  • Your new kitchen is installed correctly? (This is a real issue)
  • Your new bathroom you will spend $15,000.00 on is waterproofed correctly? (structural concrete) This is mandatory in certain occasions!
  • Your patio is waterproofed correctly (another real concern)
  • The new wooden home is fireproofed according to the codes of Israel

These and more issues are dealt with everyday by QAS and 99% of all problems come from lack of contractor knowledge or experience by the builder. Don't let this happen to you.

Also, remember you do not need to have a completely new design created especially for your home. Full sets of construction plans of proven elegant homes are ready to review. Use this service to save hundreds on a pre-designed home.



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