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Project Shining Light

Project ShiningLight

Israel: "A Light Unto The Nations"

Correcting Reintegration Issues During & After After Return

This brief is intended solely for informational purposes with a trimmed overview of this project.

Executive summary

Throughout the millennium governments have trained fighters of every type to withstand the physical and mental rigors of war. This training, of which most governments are proud of takes from many months to years to complete and almost without exception the men that survive were released from the service of the state without thorough instruction or de-training for their return to back into civilian lifestyle. The proposal before you will show how through civilian intervention we can significantly reduce the number of issues associated with this phenomena in the US (possibly any coalition members) due to military decommissioning or debriefing practices.

"It has been widely reported that the greatest drag on the morale of the US military personnel deployed in Iraq are their long separations from their families. Divorce rates among service men and women are skyrocketing. My reader suggested that Israelis organize a program for housing military families where comfortably ensconced in Israel, American solders, marines, sailors and airmen could see their families once a month rather than once a year."
By Caroline B Glick. Column One December 16. 2005

Military personnel are hardened for war and therefore are changed from the people they were originally before military training. Without proper closure of military life and practices these people can find it difficult to return to a full civilian life and career. Other family members must come to understand that the person they will see throughout their military career has changed, sometimes dramatically, and must choose to accept this reality. So this process is a two-track program working on the effects of war and training the people to survive the process.

“The army and police forces give their officers flack jackets for their bodies, but their souls are ripped apart with no protection whatsoever. The help does not come from the establishment but from private places.” Gil Kleiman Former Israeli Police Spokesman now spokesman for Center for Treatment of Psyco-trauma Jerusalem.

"PTSS or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome is not a new phenomenon but is not well addressed in the military establishment. “While attacks or aggression are taking place there is not time to think about it. Its like reverse peak, not long after the shootings and bombings stop is when PTSS begins to come out”. Israel has the resources, trained man power, experience, accommodations and readiness to engage this problem and show combatants and ex-combatants that they can, as “we do”, and return to civilian lives, wives, husbands, children, parents without major mental scarring as was witnessed during the Korean and Vietnam conflict and is again being witnessed throughout the United States by the Afghanistan and Iraq actions currently. We are confident that our group can catch many of the cases before they become inflamed, damaged or destroy families by allowing the family members to have access to accommodations for short and long term stays in Israel to negate some of the family stress that a long absence creates." By Ruth Eglash, The Jerusalem Post, April 6, 2006.

For short term: We wish to begin by creating a non-profit organization, with all the infrastructure as required. The envisioned process will require setting up a housing and social network so families can have a secure, quiet place to come to without the severe impact of everyday life in an unknown society. Donations of flat space and volunteer time can be collected, reviewed and screened for suitability.

Initially, the families can choose to be in single-family flats or in a group structure for a few weeks to 2 months. The families can stay and receive their family members from Iraq or Afghanistan keeping the bond of the family unit alive. Our intention is that meeting in Israel will be almost a vacation atmosphere (Eilat), enjoying each others company, without the day-to-day life problems interfering, which can do much to keep the family bonds strong. This, along with support of counselors for difficult times and questions makes this effort unique. This process allows the individuals to see the change in this family member and having counseling to accept the inevitable change in personality and understand how this has happened, and to accept the results. This is not an overnight process and the changes are perceived form both parties.

Medium Term: We wish to setup centers for families who need and wish to confront stronger issues and resolve them using counselors, psychologists and conflict resolution techniques. We need to have group counseling where families and ex-soldiers can gather and everyone will know they are not alone and this is a real calculated and repeating problem for many families, not just their family. By group counseling it will teach trust and strength to overcome this adversity, creating long-term friendships that can be fostered upon returning to their homes. Religious faiths of all denominations can come, grow in faith and use the faith to see them through difficult times. This is a system that can be used for not only US but other nationality families as well.

Long Term (Upon request.)

Daily: Professional phone staff and coordination supervisors will be on duty from 8 am to 5 pm to accept and process requests, donations, scheduling of incoming and outgoing families, security reviews and other day to day functions for the organization in close proximity to Ben-Gurion or Eilat airports. Transportation will be provided as needed to visiting families via ... (Upon request.)

For Israel: this is a golden opportunity to have the state viewed in a tremendously good light... (Upon request.)

For the United States & other NATO team members: Governments and other coalition countries, the effort put forth can aid the growing number of veterans with growing or reoccurring decommissioning issues... (Upon request.)

Through good dedicated counseling Israeli ex-military personnel are already living well-rounded lives because of the networks setup in the Israeli society. Strong personalities are not a downside in a family as long as all the participants know how to view and handle this change.

Many military personnel realize that this is a real and existing problem, which cannot be ignored or brushed aside as some kind of a weakness. They realize they must also change from the person the military wanted and trained them to be, accept the actions that were done during war and move on to continue their life.

It's about closure.



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