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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

Columns: Fundamentally Flawed

Columns: Fundamentally Flawed

Buildings recently built in Israel have been substantially updated in their techniques and professional standard of workmanship but older 3-6 story buildings are problematic to say the least.ֲ 

All the pictures on this page have been taken in Israel on building you probably walk by everyday and do not think about how the rusting metal effects the integrity of the structure.

During the lifetime of a structure many forces are at work to destroy the building, none more destructive than water. Water slowly corrodes all metal, wood and stone making some parts of the building literally fall apart so a watchful eye on items is mandatory.ֲ 

If you do not know what to watch out for call a professional to review your building for signs of deteriorating cement, which can lead to small pieces of the building falling off or large pieces of stone collapsing.

Remember, your not buying an apartment on the 5th floor but part of the whole building.



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