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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel

What is Quality Assurance and how does it help me?

What is Quality Assurance and how does it help me?

In a nutshell, protection during construction.

Quality Assurance is the process of examining aspects of a product before and during creation, evaluating if that particular part meets minimum requirements for your project, product or contract.

At QAS we supervise the project (if requested), we review critical parameters before the contractor is allowed to begin work. Reviewing production procedures to ensure competence in workmanship, thus substantially lowering the amount of faulty or incompetent work.

The review of metals, assemblies and finish to ensure they meet the standards required. Samples are ofter requested or a "first piece" to ensure conformance with drawings, finishes and hardware.

Many in the private sector take this for granted but over the years we have finds flaws in almost every aspect of the process regardless of the reputation proceeding the contractor.

That said we are not a arm chair engineering consultancy. We are in the field as well reviewing the process that was told to us by the contractor to ensure compliance with relative criteria.

After many years of service in multiple industries we have found that most contractors and their professionals do not review, with a critical eye, most simple items properly (sweating the details) leaving to the subcontractors or field / line workers the task of proper construction and following the procedures set-forth for them. Only concentrating on the show & tell with the customer, leaving holes in the supervisory process.



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