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IMI's Combat Guard May Be The Most Extreme Armored 4X4 Ever Built

Tyler Rogoway. . . .5/12/2014

Israeli Military Industries might have created the most extreme wheeled armored vehicle ever with their unveiling of the Combat Guard. This baby packs 54-inch tires, close to three feet of ground clearance, weighs eight tons and can go just about anywhere. Think rock crawler meets Stryker meets Lamborghini LM002 in Halo.

My recent piece on Panhard's innovative CRAB showcased a rugged buggy-like scout/recon vehicle with state of the art electronics and an optional big ass cannon. Well, IMI's Combat Guard is like a CRAB that has been shooting roids and working in a crude outdoor gym for months while living on nothing but red meat, raw eggs and Red Bull. This thing is really wild, and the engineers over at IMI are fully aware that it takes the armored personnel and scout vehicle concept to a whole new extreme.

Although the Combat Guard's armored roots come from IMI, its incredible off-road capabilities come from the Ido Off-Road Center, which developed the Zibar racer and other less extreme off-road military scout vehicles. The collaboration between these two well respected and forward thinking firms resulted in an incredible all terrain vehicle in its own right, regardless of the fact that it is also a configurable battle wagon.

The Combat Guard is powered by a 6.5L GM Cobra Diesel that puts out 30 0hp, although up-rated versions may also be offered in the future. None-the-less the Cobra power-plant can propel the truck up to about 95 mph on-road and 75mph off-road on her massive 54-inch tires.

On the slower side of the envelope, Combat Guard features 90 degree approach and departure angles, can climb 70 degree slopes and can wade through five feet of water. It can also clear a two-and-a-half foot vertical obstacle, which was a key requirement for fighting in urban areas.

IMI is pushing that the concept is a clean-sheet design and that it won't suffer from frame cracking and other wear issues that adapted commercial and logistical vehicle chassis that were never designed for prolonged off-road combat suffer from today.

As much APC is a scout vehicle, the Combat Guard's cabin seats up to eight fully armed soldiers and the floor is elevated high above the truck's bottom which indicates the use of a "v" shaped underbelly, or a multiple tiered collapsible composite blast absorbing structure. This would give the occupants a decent shot at surviving a mine of IED strike from below, which has become an all to popular and deadly tactic among insurgents in Israel's part of the world.

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