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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel


Special Construction Situations

Until now everyone dealing with government procurement contracts has needed to produce their own way of tracking problems on a given project. This was a time consuming and sometimes fruitless endeavor. Now everyone has a common entry point to deal with deficiencies that come up on every project. InSight can become your standard for company when dealing with deficiency issues.

The QAS InSight system is an independent off site Internet based tracking system for:

This idea is used extensively in the US and U.S. Army projects so QAS has scaled the idea for world wide use.

Validation is key to this process and is at the heart of the QAS management system.

This system incorporates QA /QC deficiency tracking, viewing, dispersal and validating process. This is accomplished by incorporating both customer and supplier managerial confirmation of items (guaranteeing deficiencies are validated) with full view access by the customer(s).

Within this software, contractors can:

  • Access and sort the deficiency list with per-item, per product, per subcontractor, by newest items, also special text search
  • Commentary abilities on each item
  • Give subcontractors the ability to retrieve their own lists of needed repairs
  • Easily request punch-out for each item, anywhere
  • Notes can be added easily or sent by Email to personnel with relevant links

Within this software, Quality Assurance can:

  • Add items quickly
  • Have items verified before everyone sees them
  • Items are automatically added, accessed and sorted various ways
  • Access and sort the deficiency list with per-item, per building, per subcontractor, by newest items, also special text search
  • Notes can be added easily or sent by Email to personnel with relevant links
  • When completed, QA clicks the items off the active list

All personnel work within the same framework and on one site so everyone is literally reading from the same page. This is the mainstay of the QAS Insight management system.

Experience the realization of typing in a problem found on site that needs attention, fining it appear on the reports as the contractor accesses the (contractor side) system. Questions can be asked and answered, online making this a true collaborative construct.

The opportunity is now here to create a fully integrated group, and QA can oversee the progress toward finish of the project promptly and efficiently.

The QAS InSight system is also able to keep your Daily Reports in order with:

  • Comment text search capabilities
  • Daily report building by date or discipline
  • History of discipline per building
  • History of building

Keep test reports in order and accessible easily from anywhere:

  • On site inspections
  • Off site inspections
  • Initial reviews
  • Follow-up reviews
  • Milestone reviews
  • Completion of Discipline reports



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